Revolutionize Board Meetings with our an In-Depth Overview of Onboard Board Portals

Enhancing Meeting Preparation with Onboard Board Portals

The classic method of preparing for a live meeting required many processes. Participants had to rearrange their daily schedule and add a couple of extra hours for travel. The people in charge of the meeting would print out documentation, fill whiteboards with text and charts, and carefully prepare a slide show for demonstration. There is no need for that now. Meeting Preparation takes a few minutes, and all the necessary data is already on the devices.

Board meeting efficiency has a lot of positive aspects that can be seen in every aspect. The onboard board portal overview will demonstrate all the major and minor features. Here are a few of them.

Date designations for the meeting

Everything will take place in a virtual space. There is no need to choose a location. When a meeting is scheduled, a notification will appear on the electronic calendar. Each of the participants can confirm prior attendance or instantly request to reschedule the meeting. Everything is agreed upon in a few minutes, and the exact time will be marked. 

Meeting purpose and availability of materials

The meeting organizer will fill out a special electronic form for agenda management, where they will outline the key objectives of the meeting. In addition, in preparation for the meeting, the person in charge will need to download all materials once for review. This will automatically be made available to all participants before the scheduled date and will remain available at the time of the meeting and after the meeting. 

Pose an important question

Each participant sees a list of discussion topics and can proactively suggest an additional topic for discussion or remind them of an unresolved issue that requires intervention. 

Keep informed

In case a person misses a meeting for important reasons, they can review the materials and decisions made later. This helps to be aware of all the essential issues and aspects. 

Utilizing a virtual meeting space promotes better board meeting efficiency. Every participant will have access to information, the opportunity to voice their opinion, and the opportunity to participate in critical decisions.

Virtual Data Rooms and Board Portal Integration: Secure and Efficient Collaboration

The virtual meeting space is securely protected. Boards and participants don’t have to worry about unauthorized intrusion or information leakage. Board Portal Security has all the lines of defense to keep data safe. The virtual space is protected by protocols and encryption, and it is impossible to get to the meeting without authorization and an invitation.

Beyond protection, there are a number of other positive attributes that ensure a better experience with Board Portal.


All you need to join a meeting is a device and an Internet connection. Fortunately, today, every person at work uses electronic devices that are already connected to the global network. Even a smartphone is suitable for this purpose.


Virtual space is able to perform tasks for different industries, from a school meeting of parents to a session of departmental ministers. Absolutely everyone can use it in their work. 

Integration with other platforms

Virtual whiteboards can be combined with other services and providers. This could be virtual data room integration. Virtual Room features and tools such as storage, collection and analysis methods, collaboration, file sharing and other features can be used to prepare for and during online meetings.

These and similar services have their layers of protection, so secure collaboration only strengthens the lines of defense and does not allow for gaps and inaccuracies in the barriers. 

Leveraging Onboard Board Portals for Effective Decision Making

Every board of directors meets to review important issues and make decisions. Virtual meetings improve the efficiency of such meetings and increase their effectiveness. Effective decision-making is achieved in several aspects.

Visibility of those present

Each participant can see all the participants in the meeting unobstructed. There can also be a general discussion in the room or an individual discussion with a particular participant. The second option will not interfere with the overall meeting process. 

Electronic meeting notes

The online meeting system already has templates for meeting protocols. These help to fill in the lines line by line. They are customizable if necessary.

Meeting pace

Having all the necessary information for each participant individually improves board member engagement. The person who analyzes the information faster can go straight to the next step and is already thinking about strategies and solutions. Additionally, if any of the participants need clarification, they can go back and review the information without distracting the entire team.

Streamlined creation of plans

During the discussion, participants will voice ideas, apply action steps, and develop strategies. This document is created in real time and can be changed immediately. Once the meeting is over, there is no need to wait for all thoughts or decisions to be documented. It will be available immediately, even before the meeting is over. 

These arguments are enough to confirm the usefulness of using the board portal for meetings. There are also a number of additional and very useful governance tools that will help you run your management activities and meetings more efficiently.