M&A science academy

M&A Science Academy: Advantages and Disadvantages

If you’re thinking about learning more about M&A activities with financial skills and experience, there’s no more ideal option than taking a course about it. The fact is that M&A is a very voluminous process with many nuances, so a general financial education could hardly pay enough attention to it, and the courses will be useful to you anyway. Of course, there are many offerings on the subject today, but in this article, we’ve highlighted the best M&A courses, including the M&A science academy.

What kind of education do I need to start a career in M&A?

Frankly, you don’t need any specific degree to work in M&A, as you do for most niche professionals. Since such specialists are in short supply these days, for the most part, real experience and useful skills are valued. Speaking of the latter, it is helpful for an M.A. specialist to have business acumen, the ability to negotiate, and an understanding of the goals of potential target companies.

Also, knowledge of finance and accounting is required of the employee, as you will have to deal with a large volume of financial documents and be able to make projections and estimate approximate amounts of investment during the due diligence process.

On this basis, it is clear that all of the existing online courses are not stand-alone, they can only fully form your skills following the requirements of modern employers. Below we take a look at the best M&A courses that 2022 has to offer us.

M&A Science Academy is the best way to get M&A certification

The M&A Science Academy is a rich online M&A course that emphasizes practical skills over theory. The courses are taught by more than twenty real professionals who have real experience in the industry, and in each module, the instructors will change. Authorized course participants receive an unlimited number of seminars and other events dedicated to the topic of mergers and acquisitions at their disposal.

Ask any questions you want from M&A professionals and participate in live M&A processes while getting real hands-on experience.

The course contains a total of six modules that cover all the important stages of mergers and acquisitions, including due diligence training, post-M&A integration strategies, and more.

The course is priced at $120 per month, payable once a year).

London Business School (LBS) course on mergers and acquisitions

 LBS provides both remote and in-person training, provides certificates of completion, and is geared toward people who have never had experience in the M&A industry before. The course is very intensive for five days and gives all the necessary information about M&A. Usually such courses are useful for financial managers who have never experienced the M&A process before. The course takes place five times a year. Courses of the LBS are considered very prestigious because some of its professors are very famous people in the field of finance, supposedly, this is one of the reasons for such high price for a course, namely about 11 500 dollars.

The International Mergers and Acquisitions Expertise Program of the Institute of Mergers, Acquisitions, and Alliances

IMMA offers its students as many as three certificates that can be earned after completing both in-person and online training. In five days, course students can learn the process of mergers and acquisitions up and down, because the course is focused on practical knowledge. Tuition ranges from $3,000 to $4,000.